Service Options:

New Memorials

Monuments by Parise, offers one of the area’s largest selection of memorials.  Our memorials are hand crafted from quality natural granite and true memorial bronze. We offer a wide selection of monuments, markers, private estate mausoleums, cremation memorials and pet memorial products. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to ask you questions regarding your needs and budget.  We will offer suggestions, help you make informed decisions and walk you thru the entire process. With our vast knowledge of area cemeteries, we can assure that you select a memorial that is within the cemetery’s regulations concerning its size and type.  On your behalf, we also coordinate with the cemetery in filling out their approval and foundation order forms. At this difficult time of stress for everyone, let us help you handle all of the details.

Duplicating an Existing Memorial

Many times a duplicate of an existing memorial to match is needed.  We can go to the cemetery where the memorial to duplicate is located and get exact measurements, access granite color and use our tracing tools to match its design, lettering type and size to create an exact match.

Nationwide Delivery

Through the use of the internet we receive inquiries from all over the country regarding our services and products.  Monuments by Parise can design, ship and coordinate the installation of memorials anywhere in the Continental United States.

Cemetery Lettering

Our skilled craftsmen use modern technology and state of the art equipment to perfect the art of sandblasting and memorial lettering.  We offer the following sandblasting services:

  • Death Dates
  • Extra Lettering
  • Panels
  • Carvings
  • Repair existing memorials that have lettering mistakes or contain “19” as the year of death.

Our sandblasting services are typically performed in the cemetery at the memorials location.  Occasionally, we may have to remove the memorial from the cemetery and return it to our facility for extensive lettering services.

Memorial Restoration

Stone Cleaning

Granite memorials are designed to withstand the test of time but their longevity exposes them to years of accumulated air pollution, dirt and grass clippings. Many families become concerned that installing a beautiful new monument on a family plot may overshadow older monument's on the same cemetery plot, while others are just disturbed by an older monuments unsightly condition. When this occurs, Monuments By Parise offers a stone cleaning process that can dramatically restore the appearance of older monuments.

Bronze Refinishing

Bronze memorials, statues and plaques are designed to withstand the test of time, but their longevity allows for years of corrosion or tarnish. Tarnish, also known as patina on bronze products, is a thin layer of corrosion that forms over bronze as the outermost layer undergoes a chemical reaction due to the effects of oxygen in the air. When this occurs, the bronze surface may be cleaned with a mild solution but the ability to restore the bronze back to its original appearance by this method is virtually impossible. Fortunately, Monuments by Parise has the ability to renew older bronze products back to their original form and appearance. We can refurbish bronze on family memorials, civic projects, signs, statues and historical plaques.

Monument Resetting

Over time some older memorials begin to move from their original placement. This is due to constant excavation on cemetery grounds, improper memorial seals and inferior foundations.

*To restore an improper seal, Monuments By Parise can reset the memorial and properly seal any and all joints.

*To replace an inferior foundation we can remove the memorial from the original foundation, excavate the original foundation and replace it with new materials, reset and reseal the memorial on the new foundation.

*In the case of a sunken flat marker we can remove the marker and level it flush with the sod using crushed gravel.

In many of these cases we may also recommend to clean the memorial to restore its original appearance.