How We Can Help:

The Parise Difference

Although Monuments By Parise was established in 1997, the Parise family has been serving grieving families since 1941.  When you entrust our knowledgeable staff with providing a memorial for your loved one, you should expect nothing less than our best. We consistently provide understanding and patience with such a highly emotional decision and you can depend on our high level of service and our attention to detail through every step of the process.  We know that you have many options when it comes to memorial providers, and we will appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a level of service and care that will frankly be unequalled. 

Unlimited Choices

We offer one of the area’s largest selections of granite and bronze from all over the world.  Our extensive line of products is certain to meet your needs in selecting a suitable memorial.

Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

Monuments By Parise products are crafted from the finest quality materials from around the world.  Our skilled craftsmen are responsible for cutting, carving and lettering a finished product that commemorates your loved ones life. 

Professional Installation

A quality product is only as good as its installation.  We personally set and securely seal memorials on durable foundations using all of our own equipment, giving you peace of mind that your memorial will hold its integrity for years to come.


Every memorial should be a meaningful tribute to the person who has died. We offer many different ways to memorialize a loved one, and will assist you in selecting an appropriate memorial that is within your financial means.

Our Guarantee

100% satisfaction is our goal.  It’s our perpetual promise to you.  We hereby certify that the product you purchased was fabricated from the finest quality natural granite that is free from defects and will not check, crack or disintegrate. We guarantee that any bronze products used are crafted from true memorial bronze, cast by quality foundries and that all letters, numerals or ornamentation are hand chased and highlighted.

Should any part or parts of the product covered by this warranty ever prove to be defective in either material or workmanship, we will replace them free of all expense to the purchaser or their heirs.

We regret we cannot be responsible for damage done to the product by moving equipment, vandalism, unusual environmental or atmospheric conditions, or natural disasters.